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About this collection

The University of Mississippi Civil War Archive provides a sampling of the Archives & Special Collections extensive Civil War primary source holdings. Pulling from various physical collections, these materials document troop movements, social conditions, battles, the home front and an extensive variety of topics.


Including correspondence, diaries, images and field reports, the Civil War Archive adds to the narrative of the War, both on the field and home front. As this collection is not comprehensive of the University of Mississippi's Civil War holdings, researchers interested in further research on this topic should view the Civil War subject guide.


Beyond the Civil War, this collection gives minor insight into Antebellum & Reconstruction Mississippi. Adding context to the individual narratives, collections with limited materials dated outside 1861-1865 were digitized in full; these were selected when the majority of materials related to the War. Collections selectively included are noted in their description below. 


The University of Mississippi Civil War Archive will continue to grow as staff time allows.


Some of the images and language that appear in this/these digital collection(s) depict prejudices that are not condoned by the University of Mississippi. This content is being presented as historical documents to aid in the understanding of both American history and the history of the University of Mississippi. The University Creed speaks to our current deeply held values, and the availability of this content should not be taken as an endorsement of previous attitudes or behavior.


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Though similar, "Subject" & "Broader Subject" allow different types of description. "Subject" describes the content of the individual item whereas "Broader Subject" describes the context of the physical collection from which the item originates. For instance, a letter in the Gage Family Collection discussing the cotton crop would include a Broader Subject of "Confederate States of America. Army. Mississippi Infantry Regiment, 11th. Company A" as Jeremiah Gage, the major focus of the collection, was a member of the University Greys.


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Collection Descriptions


Audubon/Strawberry Plains Finley Collection

From the Audubon/Strawberry Plain Finley Collection, the pardon for J. E. Davis from Andrew Johnson, 21 August 1865, has been digitized and added.                                    

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M.W. Boyd Collection

Montgomery Withers Boyd enlisted in the Confederate Army as a surgeon and became Captain in the 20th Regiment, Company F (Lay's Cavalry). Only Civil War-era materials from this collection are available online.

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Richard C. Bridges Collection

Richard C. Bridges was a student at the University of Mississippi in 1861. After the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter, he joined the University Greys. Bridges fought with the Greys in Virginia, and sustained a fatal injury at the Battle of the Wilderness in 1864. The collection chiefly contains letters written by Bridges to family members during the war.  

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Andrew Brown and Son, Learned Lumber Company Collection

The physical materials in the Brown-Learned Collection consists of correspondence, business records, various account books and journals, photographs, pamphlets, and reports related to the Andrew Brown (and Son), and its immediate successor company, R.F. Learned Lumber Company, created during the years 1837-1974.  This digital collection contains the Andrew Brown Daybooks (1837-1872), which relate to wage and slave labor.  There are 18 daybooks in the physical collection, varying in size, and many are water damaged and therefore illegible. Daybooks that were of appropriate size for the University of Mississippi’s in-house digitization equipment have been scanned and added to this collection.                    

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Juanita Brown Collection

The Juanita Brown physical collection contains Civil War period correspondence, notably that of J.H. Buford. Reflected in these letters are Buford's emotions and experiences from the early days of the War, when he saw action in Kentucky and Missouri, through the campaigns of north Mississippi, middle Tennessee, northern Alabama and the Atlanta region, to the bitter days of Winter 1864. Boxes 1 and 2 have been digitized for this collection.

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Archives and Special Collections' Cataloged Materials

A selection of Archives and Special Collections cataloged materials have been added to this Digital Collection.

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Clark Family Letters

Letters to Mrs. Margery B. Rogers Clark from her husband T. Goode Clark and her two sons, Jonathan and A. Henry Clark. All three men fought in the Confederate Army as members of the 42nd Mississippi Infantry Co. F and died at the Battle of Gettysburg.

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Confederate Currency Collection

Examples of Confederate currency issued 1861-1864.                                              

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Joseph E. Davis Collection

Box 1 from the Joseph E. Davis Collection was digitized for this digital collection. These materials pertain to Benjamin Montgomery, former slave and overseer of Joseph Davis’ Hurricane and Briarfield Plantations, located near Vicksburg, Mississippi. The majority of the letters describe Montgomery's efforts to keep land and people together.  His letters to Davis detail his attempts to work with the occupying forces and later with the Reconstruction government. In addition, he describes the physical condition of the lands and the crops and weather. Also included in these materials are the records concerning the problems encountered by both Davis and Montgomery in dealing with the Freedmen's Bureau.    

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Edmonson/Bray/Williams/Stidham Collection

The Edmondson/Bray/Williams/Stidham Collection chronicles the interwoven histories of several families of North Mississippi and Tennessee. The papers primarily concern the life and career of Isabella Buchanan Edmondson, known as "Belle," who worked as a spy for the Confederacy. She mainly worked in and around north Mississippi and reported primarily to Missouri troops. Belle also smuggled goods across the Union picket lines after Memphis was taken by Federal forces after the battle for the city on June 6, 1862. Materials from the collection that were digitized for this digital collection include war correspondence from Belle regarding her efforts on behalf of the Confederate soldiers in the area.                      

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Kinloch Falconer Collection

Wartime correspondence, field dispatches, orders, and circulars between various Confederate generals of the Army of Tennessee: General Joseph E. Johnston, General Braxton Bragg, General John Bell Hood, Lt. Gen. Polk, Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler, and Brig. General William W. Mackall. Most of the correspondence relates to the Atlanta Campaign of 1864, more specifically the Battle of Resaca, 13-15 May 1864.

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Featherston Collection

This collection consists of correspondence, legal documents, newspapers, currency, reports, rosters, speeches, and pamphlets related to Confederate Brigadier General Featherston’s time in the Confederate army. Featherston commanded troops in the Vicksburg Campaign, Atlanta Campaign, and Hood's Tennessee Campaign. Boxes 3-11 were digitized in their entirety for the Civil War Archive.  Folder 4 of Box 12 is also included.

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Gage Family Collection

Includes the letters of Jeremiah S. Gage, 11th Mississippi, Co. A "University Greys." Gage's last letter was written 3 July 1863 from Gettysburg, where he was mortally wounded.

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Camp Dick Garnett Letterbook

Joseph C. Robert was a Confederate Army Lieutenant and Assistant Adjutant General. This letterbook contains letters written by Robert and Colonel Edward Dillon to various other Confederate officers during March and April 1864 from Camp Dick Garnett in the district of Southwest Mississippi and East Louisiana. The letters discuss prisoner exchanges, provisions, Union sympathizers, and other topics.
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B.F. Gentry Collection (Small Manuscripts 2000.1)

Gentry served with the 29th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Co. E., the "Oakland Rebels." Most of his letters concern family matters and were written from Knoxville, northern Georgia, and Mississippi.
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Roxana Chapin Gerdine Collection

Born in Massachusetts to an abolitionist family, Roxana Chapin married William Louis Crawford Gerdine, a widower with nine children from West Point, Mississippi with a substantial cotton plantation; includes correspondence with her family about rising tensions between the North and South as well as the Civil War.
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J. Watson Henderson Collection

Letters from John Watson Henderson of Panola County, Mississippi to his wife, Sallie. Henderson served in Company B, 30th Mississippi Infantry Regiment and died 24 May 1864 of chronic diarrhea. These letters concern camp life, the front and his health primarily.
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Reverend Jesse L. Henderson Civil War Diary

Civil War diary of Rev. Jesse L. Henderson of Chiwapa, Pontotoc County, Mississippi. Henderson served in the Confederate Army, 41st Mississippi Infantry Regiment, for 3 years. This diary was kept in 1864 and covers the defense of Atlanta and the Battles of Franklin & Nashville.
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William Decatur Howell Collection

In Summer 1863, William Decatur Howell of Oxford, MS enlisted for the Confederate Army as a member of the home guards, later Company I, 3rd. Mississippi Cavalry; he was seventeen upon enlistment. On 28 July 1864, Howell was mortally wounded near Atlanta and died two days later. He was buried on a hillside with a cedar tree planted to mark the grave. Only Civil War-era materials from this collection are available online.
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James T. Jones Collection

Jones was a member of the 12th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, the "Sardis Blues." The collection includes letters to various members of his family. The collection also includes several postwar letters related to his war record.
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Landry-Hume Collection

Only one item from the Landry-Hume Collection has been included in this Archive: the John D. Thomas Diary. Thomas was a member of the 3rd Brigade, Confederate Ordnance Department. The diary describes his experience upon first enlisting and gives detailed reminiscence of the Battle of Shiloh. The remaining materials from this collection are Antebellum.
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Leavell Family Collection

Materials concerning Richard Leavell and his imprisonment in Johnson Island Prison, Ohio, 1865.
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J.J. Little Collection

Correspondence of Jefferson J. Little (10th Mississippi Infantry, Co. H) to his family while stationed at Fort McRee, Florida and later in Meridian and Columbus, Mississippi. The letters provide insight into the daily activity of soldiers
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John Guy Lofton Collection

Lofton served in the Army of Northern Virginia, 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Co. H. He was mortally wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines on 31 May 1862 and is buried in Hampton National Cemetery in Hampton, Virginia.
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Miller Family Papers

Letters include those of Colonel Hugh Miller, his sons, Edward and George, all with the 42nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Co. F. Much of the correspondence is with S.G. Miller, their wife and mother; the Miller Family originated in Pontotoc County, Mississippi; only materials dated 1860-1865 are included.
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Robert Augustus Moore Diary (Small Manuscripts 1978.9)

Three volumes. Born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Moore belonged to the "Confederate Guards" 17th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Co. G. His diary refers to Camp Walker, Confederate Hospital in Virginia, Manassas, Leesburg, Goose Creek (later Lincoln, Va), Brucetown, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and Chickamauga among others. Diary transcribed and published by James W. Silver entitled, A Life for the Confederacy, as Recorded in the Pocket Diaries of Pvt. Robert A. Moore, Co. G, 17th Mississippi Regiment, Confederate Guards, Holly Springs, Mississippi.
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William Cowper Nelson Collection William Cowper Nelson was a student at the University of Mississippi from Holly Springs and remained at the University until the outbreak of the war. He enlisted in the Marshall County Home Guards (later Co. B), 9th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. He served initially in Pensacola, Florida until transferring to Company G, 17th Regiment Mississippi Infantry in the summer of 1862. Nelson later served as a staff officer with Brig. Gen. Carnot Posey (later Nathaniel Harris') brigade.
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Thomas Reber Collection Thomas Reber served as First Lieutenant, Quartermaster of the 88th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteers Infantry. Materials consist of United States Army documents from Camp Chase, Ohio and Fort Federal Hill, Maryland; primarily ration returns and requisitions for the 88th O.V.I. & 196th O.V.I.
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Charles Roberts Collection

Roberts was attached to Stanford's Battery of Mississippi Light Artillery as part of Brig. Gen. Otho T. Strahl's brigade in the Army of Tennessee. Roberts later transferred to the Quartermaster Department of the Army of Tennessee after Chickamauga. These letters to his wife provide vivid descriptions of camp life and detailed army movements in Tennessee and during the Chattanooga/Chickamauga and Atlanta campaigns.
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Samuel Terrall Letters (UMSMMSS Student Life) Two letters by Samuel Heidelberg Terrall (UM 1855 & 1857). One written as a student in 1855 and the other from the front in 1862. Wartime letter discusses wounded soldiers and a hospital in Iuka, Mississippi..
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